Clubul Felin Magnificats


Registration No. and Address: 19130/A/2015, Vasile Lupu 1A, Bucharest, Romania

WCF RO-0282

March Show, Bucharest Romexpo 11-12.03.17, WCF/Tica show, plus seminar on Friday 10.03.17

Invited judges:-
Tomoko Vlach,Austria, allbreed, WCF
Yelena Lavrentyeva, allbreed, WCF
Yan Lavrentyev, allbreed, WCF

Monika Dany, Austria, allbreed, TICA,
Phillipa Holmes, UK, allbreed, TICA,
Katharina Krenn, Austria, allbreed TICA
(pupil judges - Eva Kalman, Magdalena ?wiatowiak)
Stewards: Becky Elian, .

Bran World Show 01-02.07.17

Invited judges:-

Tatjana Cernova, Latvia, allbreed, WCF
Albert Kurkowski, Poland, allbreed, WCF (pupil judge -Eva Kalman)
Jane Allen, Uk, allbreed TICA

(pupil judges:- Angela Porter (waiting list - Rona Levitzky, Magdalena ?wiatowiak, Svetlana Lalovic))

Dear friends, due to what occurred last year, we will limit the number of pupil judges as one less to the number of judges. So 2 pupils-3 judges, 3 pupils-4 judges, etc. (At the last moment Bran show 2016 we had to replace an AB judge with another, not qualified in a particular category. That meant that one pupil lost her training judge having travelled a long way.)

We hope to add judges to both the March and Bran shows 2017 but obviously it is dependent on how many cats we have registered.

Please send an email to for pupil judging positions and it is first come, first served........Please do not write to us on FB as messages are often forgotten or lost.